23.03.2020 -

Globalroof® - Fire solution for flat folded roofs

ArcelorMittal Construction Globalroof® flat folded roof structures present further evidence of our company’s innovative approach to implement new technical solutions. Based on years of experience in the development and production of structural trapezoidal profiles, we now offer a solution that will surely appeal to all building experts.

We bring an ideal solution of folded roof constructions with excellent technical parameters. We deliver a new level of quality and safety in the field of structural trapezoidal profiles.

Our products have demonstrated fire resistance in an emergency test for a period of 60 minutes.

We provide the best fire resistance in the market, high-quality material, long service life, and technical support - all this is why to choose ArcelorMittal Construction as your supplier of folded roof structures.

We always build on quality – so that you could build further on it.